Metaverse the Beginner’s Guide

Course code: S602

Course introduction

“Metaverse” is a buzzword in tech, business, gaming, and finance lately. With the advancement of Blockchain technology, both the Metaverse and Cryptocurrency gain popularity and have grown significantly in the past 10 years. In the Metaverse (virtual world), cryptocurrencies are used for any kind of transaction. Many companies that have hopped on board the metaverse bandwagon also envision some sort of new digital economy, where users can create, buy, and sell their goods & services. Users can take virtual items like clothes or cars or even lease their land to one another!

Who should take this program?

  • Entrepreneur (Intellectually curious and motivated)
  • Considering building a career in this new industry
  • Executives exploring new organizational needs
  • Wanted to set yourself apart to gain a competitive advantage within your sector

Benefits of this program

  • Learn LIVE with our instructor, not just with downloaded videos
  • Learn interactively, together with peers & instructors
  • Experience In-Person, not online or through zoom. Wear the headset
  • Hear from the expert, sharing invaluable insights & real-life case studies (avoid a costly mistake that may burn your hand)
  • Q&A session, feel free to ask

Course requirement or pre-requisites

  • No prior financial knowledge required
  • Come with an Open-mind!
Course outline
1. Disclaimer
2. What is Metaverse?
3. How does Metaverse work?
4. What is Metaverse for?
5. What is the Metaverse ecosystem?
6. What is Metaverse crypto?
7. How do you make money in the Metaverse?
8. How do you invest in the Metaverse?
9. What are some of the Metaverse companies?
10. What are the Metaverse stocks?
11. What is Metaverse land?
12. How much does Metaverse land costs?
13. Is buying land in the Metaverse a good investment?
14. How to buy land in the Metaverse?
15. What are the most popular Metaverse projects?
16. How to research & analyze great Metaverse projects?
17. What are the upcoming Metaverse projects?
18. The future of Metaverse
19. Q&A session