Experiencing the VR Technology (for Beginner)

Course code: S601

Course introduction

Virtual Reality, also known as VR, allows people to be fully immersed in a fabricated environment. It is a simulated experience that can be like or utterly different from the real world. There are various applications of VR, which include entertainment (particularly video games), education (such as medical or military training), and business (such as virtual meetings). VR technology is a growing trend beyond entertainment and an essential tool in education, science, commerce, manufacturing, etc.

Who should take this program?

  • Any kind of Gamers
  • Game developers
  • 3D movie lovers
  • Considering adding VR elements to your businesses (for example, Real Estate)
  • Considering building a career in the VR sector
  • Simply love learning new technology
  • Fun seekers

Benefits of this program

  • Learn interactively, 1-on-1 with your trainer
  • Get sharing from first-hand experience user
  • Experience In-Person, not online or through zoom. Wear the headset
  • Q&A session, feel free to ask throughout the course

Course requirement or pre-requisites

  • No prior financial knowledge required
  • Come with an Open-mind!
Course outline
1. Basic understanding of the Virtual Reality (VR) technology
1.1   Types of VR available in the market 1.2   How to choose a suitable VR headset
2. Intermediate understanding of VR
2.1   Explaining the “lobby.” 2.2   Hardware sensor 2.3   Lights requirement 2.4   Battery 2.5   Hardware setup 2.6   VR boundaries settings
3. Experiencing two basic applications
4. Experience what is a virtual computer & virtual desk (real-time sync with laptop & VR)
5. How to use the virtual meeting room for group meetings
6. How to use real-time whiteboard drawing
7. Experience 6 applications/games
7.1   The old-time 7.2   Wonderland 7.3   Resident evil 7.4   Spacewalk 7.5   Exercise / Under the Sea 7.6   Cinematic experience
8. Advance understanding of VR
8.1  How to set up the VR device (hardware & software) 8.2  Such as how to link up with the computer 8.3  Where to download or install apps, where to download apps for free